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Audit Management

Effective audit management and compliance with government regulations are driving the need for ongoing auditing. For organizations that are regulated by any type of quality management standards, regular audits are essential to reduce the risk of non-compliance. With SMART audit management organizations will be able to manage audit in a systematic manner, and allow elimination of spreadsheet based systems, which are difficult to manage internal audit programs. SMART audit management software can also be used in offline mode, which will allow auditors to record the audit findings, access checklists, while on the field/branch sites, which does not have network connectivity. Audit data entered during the field audits will be synced up with the server, after having proper validations, to ensure integrity of audit information’s.

SMART Audit Management Module supports consistent management of audits to help achieve compliance for any type of standards and govt. legislations. Using dashboards audit and business managers can have real-time visibility of the compliance profile. With SMART audit management software solution you can schedule, plan, and conduct audits of any type; record audit steps, identify any subsequent non-conformances (major or minor), observations and improvements; and easily track remediation actions to ensure time closure of all audit findings within agreed deadlines. Escalations can be set before the deadlines or after the breach of deadlines to concerned business users or managers. With SMART solution, reporting is simplified, you can auto generate audit reports.


  • Streamlines governance processes and improve efficiency by having consistency in all aspects of the audit management lifecycle.
  • Will Improves current management system, and support timely implementations
  • With dashboards and reports, managers can identify trends and provide warning of non-conforming and potentially costly failures of management systems.
  • Makes it quick and easy to collect, capture in both online and offline mode
  • Improves productivity and accountability of service managers, business managers and auditors
  • Decrease operational and administrative costs and risk
  • Audit and business managers will have business or portfolio wide visibility of key critical information’s