Survey Management

Survey Management

Survey Management

Surveys for Service Support Delivery: Get Support Feedback, after completion of Incident or service Request Tickets. You can Integrate employee or customer feedback with your existing business processes.

Surveys for Employee Feedbacks: Get periodic employee surveys, since satisfied and motivated employees create more satisfied customers.

Surveys for Training Feedback: Get end of course, student satisfaction feedback.

Surveys for Customer Feedback: Measure and evaluate customer satisfaction, every time a customer interacts with your company. You can take actions and solve customer issues based on real-time feedback

SMART Survey Management Solution, can be integrated with your existing Human Resourse, ERP Systems and your websites.


  • Your Customers and Employees opinions and feelings are acknowledged as being important.
  • Your Customers realize that their supplier is interested in improving business relationship and value the business from them.
  • Your Employees are reminded that that their diligence and participation is paramount.
  • Top Management is made aware of what their employees and customers think about them.


  • Allows Delivery of Survey Invitations when an Incident or Service Request is closed
  • Manual Delivery of Surveys to Selected Audience
  • Create Multiple Different Survey Types
  • Unlimited User Defined Fields for Survey Questions : Drop-down, Radio Button, Checkbox, or Text Box Fields, Required or Optional Survey Questions, Required or Optional "Additional Information" Text Boxes
  • Surveys can be distributed via Email, or even as pop-up scripts for call center staff to gather actionable, timely feedback from internal employees or external customers.
  • Allows Customizable Email Invitations & "Thank You" Verbiage
  • Provides Analysis in form of Graphical Survey Results